Twitter Tool To JustUnfollow Doesn't Work, Starts Office Fight

I’m testing out JustUnfollow, a new Twitter app from Twi5. The idea is simple – sign in to Twitter via OAuth and a list of people pops up that you follow on Twitter but don’t follow you back. If that makes you angry and insecure, you can then unfollow some or all of those people.

I ran it through my @arrington Twitter account and a few dozen people popped up. Top of list was TechCrunch employee David Diaz. Mocking ensued, and frankly I was hurt that someone on Team TechCrunch had decided I wasn’t worthy of a follow.

But there’s a problem. @davidjamesdiaz does follow me, as do many of the other people on the list.

We’ve notified Twi5 of the error. So go ahead and try this if you want to, but until they fix it, don’t start any unnecessary fights until you double check the results.

Check out FriendOrFollow as well, although the success rate may not be much better – the results for both apps are likely determined by Twitter.