Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Twitter is now processing 50 million Tweets a day, which comes to about 1.5 billion Tweets a month. Royal Pingdom recently reported that Twitter passed one billion Tweets a month last December and measured about 1.2 billion in January. On a daily basis, Royal Pindom was measuring 27 million Tweets a day back in November, 2009. But the latest data comes from Twitter itself (after attempting to strip out spam Tweets).

In January, comScore estimated that attracted almost 75 million unique visitors worldwide. But the number of messages going across Twitter is perhaps a more useful metric because it cuts across all third-party Twitter clients as well. At its most fundamental level, Twitter is a communications service, and 50 million messages a day is certainly a healthy number. What Twitter doesn’t say is how many of its users are responsible for those 50 million Tweets, or on average how many Tweets a day comes from each user. I’d love to see the distribution of Tweets across heavy, medium, and light users.

How many of those 50 million Tweets come from the top 10 percent of users? It seems to me that even though I follow more than 300 people on Twitter, I hear from the same 20 to 30 blabbermouths every day.