Remeber that post about the wire shoe thing?

Exciting news, friends. I’ve just come back from the future, and I have some news to share. In the year 2050, the United Nations will hold a “Remember Blogging?” panel, and it will be chaired by the encapsulated head, à la Futurama, of Cory Doctorow. There will come a time in the panel when Doctorow’s head turns and says, “Now, blogging wasn’t all shits and giggles. Some of it was truly dreadful. Par example…” This will all be done in Mandarin Chinese, of course, which replaced English as the lingua franca of the world in 2035. Anyhow, Doctoro’s head will say, “You see, I seem to remember a post on reasonably popular tech blog CrunchGear that described some sort of wire-frame shoe. It was rubbish.”

He continued,

It was a strange little post. I think Nicholas Deleon wrote it. He was very sick that day, which may explain its lack of quality. Then again… It was something about a wireframe shoe that his bosses found on Make. Now, Make was a fine magazine, and later Web site, but not every article was appropriate for CrunchGear. It had a photo of a strange woman, who glowed yellow, holding a shoe that was created using a primitive technique called selective laser sintering.

He was right: the post stunk.