Pentax K-7 gets a Limited Silver Edition (in Japan)

Pentax released their seventh generation SLR, the K-7, last summer, and it turned out to be a great camera. And today Hoya Pentax in Japan announced [press release in English] a limited edition of the K-7 (simply dubbed “Limited Silver”) whose main selling points are a silver-colored body and a “golden section ratio” focusing screen.

The K-7 is limited to 1,000 units only. Apart from the special coloring, Pentax also reinforced the LCD monitor and ships the new model with upgraded firmware and updated image processing software. Technically, there are no changes to the black-colored Pentax K-7.

Although the press release linked to above is written in English, it’s to be found in the English part of Pentax Japan’s homepage only. As of this writing, the text is missing on Pentax USA’s press pages. In Japan, the K-7 Limited Silver will go on sale on March 13 for $1,420.