Hackers hack goodies from the HTC Desire over to the Nexus One in no time flat

Back when we first got word that the HTC Desire was essentially a slightly upgraded Nexus One with a bit of customization on HTC’s part, we knew there wasn’t much to worry about for recent Nexus One purchasers; the very vast majority of the Desire’s upperhand was all in the software, which was bound to be hacked over eventually.

What we didn’t know, however, was just how fast it would happen.

The handsets not even released yet, but its goods from the Desire have already been stripped down and almost entirely ported to the Nexus One. Paul over at MoDaCo managed to dig up the ROM, and they’ve since been pushing out build-after-build, each with a bug fix here and a new feature there. HTC’s Sense UI is in place, Flash in the browser is working and, at this point, it seems like the lingering bugs won’t be lingering for long.

It’s nothing you’d want to dive into with a twitchy finger or a faint heart, but you can find all the necessary materials over here.