Never fear, Innovationman is here!

Innovationman has a gas-powered skateboard to sell you! He wants you to buy it! He has a family who are also interested in your trade! This thing is going for under $1000 but if you win, you have to offer a deposit of $1000! Don’t miss out!

What is this thing? Let Innovationman tell you!

GAS SKATEBOARD The New X-Game Sport Just do nothing only smart standing and use your Foot to control and you will get a better feeling from it. GAS Skateboard and MOTO RIZED SKATEBOARD was originally developed from skate board which has to use foot power to get it moving forward. Nowadays with new concept of balancing, new GAS Skateboard’s body can resist the forces that come from all directions when moving into sharp curve, which cause torsion from centrifugal force.

Oh my god! Sharp Curve! Slow down, Innovationman! You have a wife and child!

One more video after the jump! Go buy it on eBay!