Many, many cameras are being released at PMA

It’s the supreme madness of the PMA 2010 season, and although we can’t make it there personally this year, that won’t stop all them camera companies from releasing stuff. You saw the sweet new Samsungs that dropped yesterday, but here are a few more interesting developments from the show.

These freaky Alpha concepts from Sony are something along the lines of the Micro Four Thirds and EVIL systems, but no one really knows for sure what existing lens system they’ll use, if any. Engadget saw one behind glass and it looks pretty rough.

Sigma has updated its DP series with the DP1x and DP2s. The original versions of these cameras received pretty poor reviews, the cameras coming off as sort of well-meaning but half-baked projects. With every successive revision, they get closer to being what we’d like them to be, but the proof of the pudding is in the taste, and we’ll have to really get hands-on if a verdict is to be reached. Photography Bay has the press releases for you (DP1x, DP2s)

The once-mysterious Samsung NX10 has gotten a few new lenses, including a 30mm f/2 that would probably be my walkaround. More info, again, at Photography Bay.