New Google Mobile App adds Voice Search support for iPod

Google has submitted a new version of its Google Mobile App for the iPhone platform (iTunes link), and the fresh app now finally boasts built-in support for Voice Search on iPod touch devices (2G or newer).

Update: we have 3 commenters saying there still is no Voice Search on their iPod touch devices to be found, even after updating. We’re looking into it.

Version also brings improved stability when using Voice Search on ‘restrictive networks’ and is also said to make Search by Voice completion detection function a bit better.

Other than that, the update brings a number of bug fixes, one that fixes pasting into the search box and one that should prevent the app from crashing when you do a search for ‘@’.

In case you’re keeping count: Google Voice Search hit the iPhone mid-November 2008 and landed on Android at the beginning of February 2009.