Shatner, My Dad Says

We first wrote about Shit My Dad Says, the Twitter account a 20-something-year-old guy set up to tweet out bits of wisdom from his 73-year-old father, back in August. By November, the account had already landed creator Justin Halpern a TV deal. And today, it has now landed him William Shatner to star in it.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Shatner has agreed to star in the show as the father, and because of it, the show has been greenlit to shoot a pilot episode. It’s not yet clear when it will air, but when it does, it will be on CBS. The creators of Will & Grace are executive producing the show for Warner Bros. TV alongside Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, both of whom wrote the script for the pilot. Both Halpern and Schumacker used to write for the TV and movie blog Screen Junkies.

On Twitter, Shit My Dad Says continues to rise in popularity. By the time we wrote about it in August, the account already had over 100,000, but by November (the time of the TV deal), it was well past 700,000. Now, it has over 1.1 million followers and you can expect that to keep rising when the show airs.

Of course, how well the show can translate a Twitter account remains to be seen. After all, it will be on network television which means no swearing — a large part of what makes Shit My Dad Says tweets funny. In fact, of just the last 10 tweets the account has sent out, 8 of them would have to be altered to make it onto TV (7 feature “fuck” or “shit” and 1 features “dicks,” which CBS probably won’t like either). But I’m sure Shatner will find a way to make even a show called Stuff My Dad Says humorous.

Also, we love William Shatner because William Shatner loves us (see video below).