Baby Bidou mp3 player. You know, for kids

I always say that you’re never to young too start with your first gadget. This is an example of that theory, taken maybe a little more serious then I would normally consider reasonable. How old do you need to be to have your first MP3 player?

Baby Bidou says you’re old enough at birth. The Baby Bidou is available in pink or blue, and can be preloaded with a Brainy Baby soundtrack for an additional $4. Soundtracks include sleepy, peaceful, cheerful, and happy, and do cost extra. Parents can also load their own music on the Baby Bidou, and select the volume for the child so junior doesn’t accidentally destroy his eardrums listening to “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. The Bidou also has a microphone built it to allow parents to record their own voices, and the volume can be set to fade so as to slowly lower the volume of the sound being played for the child.

The Baby Bidou is priced at $59.98, and currently out of stock on the company website.