The People Of Twitter Think NBC's Olympics Coverage Sucks

NBC is driving people on the Internet crazy by tape-delaying coverage of the Olympics until primetime. Okay, maybe it’s only driving Henry Blodget crazy, and everyone on Twitter.

Well, not everyone on Twitter—68 percent, according to a recent reading I took on Twitter Sentiment. Roughly two thirds of Tweets about the NBC Olympics are negative. Some examples of the venting occurring on Twitter about NBC’s delayed Olympics coverage:

NBC sucks. Why the hell is the Olympics not live

Watching the #Olympics on #NBC since I love watching hours old tape of events I know the results of.

What’s the point of watching the women’s downhill super combined when you already know that Lindsey Vonn crashed because half the people you follow on Twitter decided to spoil the race earlier in the day when it actually happened? Sports need to be shown live because half the drama is in the outcome. The excitement just kind of fizzles otherwise.

Everything else is realtime, NBC can’t expect the country to just wait for Bob Costas to start rolling tape.