Shock: Sony invites devs to make games for the PS3

Flash: Sony executive is bullish about the PS3! The Wii—you’ve heard of it, yes? Years ago, it was hard to find because it was massively popular. You could find one on eBay, but for like $8 million. Nowadays? Not so much. Games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii will sell, sure, but third-party publishers are finding out: Hey, our games aren’t selling too well here…

There was an article in this or last month’s issue of Edge, I think it was with EA. I think I threw the magazine out already, sorry. Anyhow, the gist of the article was that EA (I think it was EA, remember, someone big at any rate) was limiting Wii development because sales there just weren’t what they had expected. I don’t know how they could have been surprised: when the Wii was super-hot, it was thus because of all of the “casual” gamers playing Wii Sports. Grandma and Grandpa aren’t going to play Madden NFL 10, you know.

The point is, Sony just said the equivalent of, “Hey, devs! Having a hard time selling your video games on the Wii? Try your luck on the PS3. We actually have gamers here!”

This is shocking news, yes, Sony pimping its wares. At ease, gentlemen.