Origin's Eon18 gaming laptop is not entirely origin-al

After Dell bought out Alienware, some of the executives left and formed a new company. That company, called Origin PC, sells high end computers and notebooks. Origin PC just announced their newest product, the Eon18 laptop. There’s only one problem. It looks suspiciously like another computer we looked at a few months ago.

No big deal, you think, Origin PC licensed the technology from BFG. Well, not exactly. If you do more research, you’d discover that BFG, Origin, and others have in fact licensed the technology from Sager, who’ll sell their notebook to anybody and let them slap a new lid on it. It’s not a bad thing really, it’s a good laptop. When we reviewed the BFG version we liked it. It just means you can shop around for a while, and find the best price/customer service option for your money.