Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer: Not real but it should be

Nooka is one of our favorite brands and these guys created a new way to try on a Nooka watch at home. By using augmented reality technologies – albeit technology that may not work quite yet – you can try on any watch just by putting on a specially coded bracelet. The system senses the position of your hand and lets the Nooka watch appear in 3D right on your wrist. It’s honestly an amazing idea and someone better patent it before Trojan and Victoria’s Secret get their hands on it.

We’ve seen a few of these, including Avatar toys that come to life on your screen, but never have I seen them shown in such a compelling and fascinating manner. If you were flipping through a magazine would you stop and take a photo of a little bug in the corner of the page or are you more likely to peel of a intriguing watch and go to a website to see something even cooler?

AR is finally getting to a point where the uncanny valley has finally been reached. Expect amazing things in just the next few years.

Thanks, Dr. Mark Wright