FIOS the first to get HBO Go

I read something the other day that argued that Netflix has not a chance in hell of becoming “this century’s HBO.” Netflix may be popular, but don’t expect it to achieve the type of penetration and success of the cable channel. Hollywood politics and whatnot. Another reason is that HBO has designs on the on-demand market with HBO Go, a service that lets its subscribers see “anything they want to see, anytime, anywhere, over their laptop, iPhone, tablet, PlayStation.” The first cable system to get HBO Go is Verizon FIOS. Supposedly HBO Go will eventually be available to all HBO subscribers, but deals need to be put in place between your ISP and the cable channel.

You need to have FIOS TV and FIOS Internet access to partake right now. If you have both, grasshopper, then you merely log into either or to enjoy whatever.

It’s funny: I’ve been running my own on-demand service since like 2002: it’s called Usenet.

With HBO Go, you’ll be able to see anything HBO has the license to from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Well, presumably only within the United States. If you just so happen to be on vacation in Europe and want to see “that episode of The Sopranos” from your hotel in Madeira, you’re probably SOL.