The Average Spotify User Has 15,000 Tracks In Collection, CEO Daniel Ek Says

Spotify CEO Daniek Ek on stage in a session on Mobile Entertainment & Lifestyle at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona said that the average user has 15,000 tracks in his or her collection.

This is way more than the average PC user, Ek claimed, who has about 500 tracks on their drives. Ek also repeated that Spotify users have so far created over 100 million playlists.

In a Q&A session, Ek said Spotify is very keen on inking more deals with mobile operators from around the world, and that there are lots of conversations ongoing. He reiterated that the packaging will be key, in the sense that bundling Spotify with data plans in a smart way will be crucial both for the music company and carriers, ISPs and device manufacturers.

The two key partnerships Spotify has in place right now are with 3 in the UK and TeliaSonera in Sweden. The latter deal is particularly interesting, Ek said, because the operator is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in Sweden, and that Spotify clearly has the same appeal for users as the combination of iPod / iTunes does.

In case you were wondering: not a word about a possible imminent launch in the United States.