Snapback automatically reconnects calls when your BlackBerry takes a dive

It’s an unavoidable truth of carrying a cell phone in a world full of massive skyscrapers and thick-walled tunnels: Dropped calls happen.

It always seem to happen at the worst of times, too. You’re driving along with your Bluetooth headset clamped to your head, when bam! Call is gone. You don’t want to look away from the road to check if the signal has returned, right? Because next thing you know, your front end would be half way through a highway divider.

A company called Movius is looking to make the whole dropped call process a little bit less annoying for BlackBerry users with an application called Snapback.

While Snapback can’t miraculously fix your carrier’s shortcomings and end dropped calls all together, it will reconnect calls at the first opportune time once they’ve dropped. Snapback constantly runs in the background, monitoring for call failures – once one occurs, it waits until the signal strength has returned to a strong, steady level, then reconnects your call. And don’t worry: It’ll beep and throw up an alert window letting you know that it’s reconnecting to decrease the odds that you’re going to get caught cussing at your phone when the call is reestablished.

The app is available in the BlackBerry App World now for $5 bucks. If a bit of convenience is worth a Lincoln to you, you can find Snapback right here.