Scout Labs Rolls Out Powerful New Version Of Brand Tracker

Scout Labs, a SaaS dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of what people across the internet are saying about particular topics or brands, is releasing a new version of its realtime, user-friendly dashboard.

Scout Labs has added several new collaboration features such as new ticketing and assignments notifications. So a user could see an important Tweet and assign and send the mention to another employee for follow-up. The new version also integrates more data, including forums, discussion boards, news sources, Twitter, to be analyzed in realtime. The release also includes more powerful graphing capabilities to break out data.

Scout Labs not only imports a large volume of social media data to track, but also take a deep look at this data to score for sentiment, identify trends, extract customer rants, raves, wishes, caveats, issues, comparisons and more. The dashboard will also identify new memes of conversation and filter content for spam and porn. And the product features real-time focus groups.

The startup’s offering is also attractive because its pricing is basic. Companies pay a simple one-time fee to use the service, with an unlimited amount of users. The dashboard costs $199 per month for unlimited search results. Scout Labs doesn’t charge a fee per seat or per result. We initially reviewed Scout Labs’ product in 2007 and are big fans of tracking dashboard. But the real verdict lies in the eyes of the customer, and young startup has a number of big-name clients using its social media dashboard, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, McDonalds and Disney.