Nintendo working on DS2, hands early dev kits to select few: Tilt controls ahoy

Word on the street is that Nintendo is currently working on the DS2. You probably already assumed as much, yes. But did you assume this: it will have tilt controls, sorta like the iPhone? I bet not. Or yes, whatever, doesn’t really matter.

The point is, early development kits are starting to be sent to some of Nintendo’s favorite developers, chief among them The Pokemon Company. (I cannot believe Pokemon is still around. I tapped out at Pokemon Blue when I was 12.)

The only real news to trickle out from CVG’s source is that the DS2 will have some sort of tilt-based controls. You know, like the iPhone. Presumably Nintendo doesn’t want to cede any more portable entertainment ground to Apple.

As for timelines: you’re going to be waiting. The same source said not to expect any official information at next month’s GDC—we’re still a little while away before Nintendo says anything.

So, DS2. Count on it. You already were, right, gotcha.