Cellphones will be able play intense 3D games and 1080p video.. at the same time.

Much of what is coming out of the MWC is still in the concept stage and not available yet, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Take for example the latest Armada chipset from Marvell; it’s an ARM based graphic processing package that has enough power to handle hi-res 3D gaming, and 1080p video — simultaneously.

The Armada 618 chipset will be part of the next generation of smart phones, and reportedly be available to developers later this year. The current version is capable of running up to four 2000×2000 displays at a time, and the 3D engine can render up 45 million triangles per second. This is moving into the realm of full size computing output, while still maintaining a small amount of power usage. Ultimately, we might see this technology in netbooks as well since it’s certainly more capable then the current Intel Atom chipset that is so prevalent.

[via Gadget Lab]