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Bookeen Orizon: It's an electronic book reader with multi-touch

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Explain something to me: what is the value in having multi-touch on an electronic book reader? How often do you adjust the “zoom level” when you’re reading a regular book or magazine? Not often, no; you tend to keep the book or magazine right in the sweet spot, where you can comfortably focus. So, the Bookeen Orizon. It’s an electronic book reader with multi-touch, the first such reader to have multi-touch. Did I say multi-touch yet?

I understand the “oh, neat” factor, but I’m not convinced of multi-touch’s “vitalness.” (Is that a word? I don’t even know anymore.)

Anyhow, the Bookeen Orizon: comes out in May, $250, 6-inch display (800×600 pixel resolution), 1GB of built-in storage (plus a microSD slot). There’s no big book store behind it, which will hurt its popularity, but it’ll read whatever you throw at it so long as it’s in ePub or PDF.

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