Android has been graced with a new eBay application

There’s nothing like finding and getting rid of junk on eBay, especially if you’re a gadget hound looking to offload last month’s toys for the latest and greatest. While it’s entirely possible to manage your eBay account on your phone’s browser, a dedicated application would make life so much easier.

The new eBay app for Android could make shopping, paying and selling through the online auction site a breeze. With eBay for Android, you can check the status of your auctions, navigate with voice commands, check status updates and view or leave feedback while on the go. It also gives bid notifications so you can keep track of items when the clock starts ticking and an auction is about to end. Of course, all of these options are something you would come to expect from the official version of the application.

Already huge in mobile commerce, eBay has been huge in 2009 with $600 million in gross merchandise volume, a 200% increase over 2008. This number is sure to grow larger in 2010 with the new mobile application along with over 60,000 Android units moving per day.

If you’re a power eBay user or just an occasional bidder/seller and you’re looking to pick up an Android handset (if you don’t already have one), you might want to take a look at the official eBay app, which is available now. If eBay gets this app just right, it could be a decent option over having to dig through your browser every time you want to get into your eBay account.

Here are some screens; click to embiggen.