Wi-REACH: Roll your own 3G hotspot

So you like the idea of the MiFi but you already have a 3G USB stick, eh? The Wi-REACH aims to give you the best of both worlds with a $99 cradle that turns your 3G USB stick into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

It’s got a rechargeable battery good for 4-5 hours of use and can handle up to 10 simultaneous connections. The connection is automatically encrypted and password-protected so as to avoid nearby strangers glomming on to your network.

The list of supported modems is as follows:

  • HUAWEI EM660
  • HUAWEI EM770
  • HUAWEI EC1260 (E620 USB Modem)
  • HUAWEI EC169 (E620 USB Modem
  • ZTE AC580
  • ZTE MF622
  • ZTE MF626
  • ZTE MF636
  • ZTE MF637
  • ZTE AC2716
  • ZTE AC8710
  • ZTE AC2726
  • ZTE AC2736
  • ZTE AC8700 (EV-DO)
  • ZTE AC8710
  • ZTE HSDPA Z100M (ZTE AD3801)
  • iCON 225
  • DTmobile DTM6211
  • Longsung U5100
  • Longsung U6100
  • LongCheer U5300
  • Iridium Handset 9555
  • Siemens HC25
  • Motorola H24
  • Motorola C-Light
  • Motorola Phone (H24)
  • Motorola Phone (G24)

Full press release:

Connect One Delivers 3G/4G Personal Mobile Hotspot

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb 15, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Connect One™, the Device Networking Authority™, today unveiled Wi-REACH Classic, a compact, battery-operated, mobile, personal WiFi hotspot that delivers high-speed Internet connectivity for laptops and wireless devices such as cameras, PDAs, and multimedia players. Using 3G/4G mobile network technology, Wi-REACH Classic quickly and easily provides multi-connection Internet access wherever you are, whether at the beach, in the car, or on the train.

Wi-REACH Classic combines the connectivity of WiFi with the excellent mobile coverage of 3G/4G cellular. This wireless broadband device transforms an existing 3G USB modem into a personal Wi-Fi cloud that can be easily shared between as many as 10 Wi-Fi devices. Wi-REACH Classic is highly portable and completely cordless, fitting easily into a pocket. Its built-in rechargeable battery delivers four to five hours in normal use and can be recharged using the built-in USB connector.

Thanks to upgradeable software, Wi-REACH Classic is designed to support up and coming networks such as WiMAX and LTE. Users can migrate to 4G networks with a simple software upgrade by simply plugging their next-generation USB modem into Wi-REACH Classic.

“Wi-REACH Classis is portable, flexible and ready for the future,” noted Amir Friedman, Connect One’s CEO. “We designed Wi-REACH with ultimate flexibility in mind. It moves with you, moves between wireless networks, and keeps moving into the future.” Powered by ConnectOne’s low-power iChip technology, Wi-REACH Classic offers four-to-five hours of up time. Using a USB interface, Wi-REACH Classic supports the most universal and fastest growing wireless modem interface today. Future modems designed with the USB interface can plug into Wi-REACH Classic and keep it viable and current for many years to come.

At the heart of Wi-REACH Classic is Connect One’s CO2144 “router on a chip” communication engine already in use by hundreds of OEM customers worldwide.

Connect One’s Private Label Program allows operators, companies and distributors to private label Wi-REACH Classic and to embed Wi-REACH Classic functionality into new, innovative products. Detailed reference designs enable companies to build their own customized products.

Price and Availability Wi-REACH Classic is available from Connect One at a price of $99. For more information on purchasing Wi-REACH Classic or joining Connect One’s Private Label Program, please contact sales@connectone.com or visit www.connectone.com.

Wi-REACH 3G Personal Hotspot [ConnectOne via Engadget]