Panasonic announces new, expensive 3D monitor

There’s no doubt Panasonic really believes in the future of 3D. After having announced a number of 3D TVs and 3D-enabled Blu-ray recorders and players just last week, the company in Japan announced [press release in English] a new 3D monitor today. It’s a 25.5-inch IPS LCD screen with full HD resolution, and it’s very expensive. More so than the (much bigger) 3D TVs.

Details are relatively scarce at the moment, but Panasonic says the monitor is made for “reviewing 3D footage at a work station or in the field” (it has a “ruggedized frame”). The BT-3DL2550 features dual HD-SDI (to connect other 3D hardware such as 3D cameras) and DVI interfaces. Panasonic plans to deliver the monitor with two polarizing (passive) 3D eyeglasses and a desk stand.

The monitor will go on sale sometime in September this year at a suggested list price of $9,900.