MugStir is a spoon that hangs on a mug

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Crowdsourcing. It’s so hot right now. Case in point, this crowdsourced spoon. It’s called the MugStir and you can pre-order three for $7.50. Developed by the Quirky community, it’s the 28th product from the crowdsourcing site.

The main idea is “to replace those nasty communal spoons, or to avoid wasting a new plastic spoon every time you need to stir a beverage.” If you’ve ever worked for a medium- to large-sized company, you’ve probably had a run-in with the communal spoon drawer.

The spoon itself features a rubber coated handle to prevent burns and is contorted to hang on your favorite coffee mug. Pre-order three for $7.50 or pay $12.99 later.

MugStir [Quirky]

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