Hot deal on a Blu-ray VHS combo player

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I’ll be honest with you. This was an odd product to see first thing on a Monday morning. Take the futuregasm known as Blu-ray and mix it with the nostalgia of VHS and you’ve got the Panasonic DMP-BD70V. Normally selling for $200 and up, Amazon’s got it for $140 today.

You won’t get a fancy DVD/Blu-ray recording feature for converting your old tapes to a newer format and I’m pretty sure the piracy gods haven’t condoned recording a Blu-ray disc to VHS tape, although if they had a sense of humor they’d allow it.

Aside from Blu-ray and VHS playback, you get an SD card slot and USB input, upconversion to 1080p for digital media, 7.1-channel audio, and “VIERA Cast internet functionality for enjoying online entertainment from YouTube, Amazon VOD, and more.”

The deal is good today only. Tomorrow the price goes back up to $200.

Panasonic DMP-BD70V Blu-ray Disc-VHS Multimedia Player []

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