Video: First hands-on with the Notion Ink Adam

We’ve been looking forward to the Adam for a while now, and some of us think it may actually be a contender against the iPad. Personally, I’m not entirely convinced yet, since I think Android is the wrong OS for a tablet device, but with some custom software on there, this thing really looks like it could kick some butt. The first hands-on goes to Technoholik, where they’ve put up video of a brief demo. I have to say, I hope Pixel Qi screens catch on, because it’s a way better choice for a device like this than a straightforward LCD.

The hot-pants device aspect (i.e. controls on the back) is intriguing, but I wonder how practical it is. If you’re more comfortable controlling with your right hand, for instance, you’re going to be out of luck. And of course the limitations of a soft keyboard remain. But that swivel camera, the ports, all that stuff — much more promising than the iPad’s extremely limited hardware.

They’ve also helpfully put the specs into a comparison chart:

[via Gizmodo]