28 billion zombies killed. And they're still coming!

Left 4 Dead 2 was released on November 17th, 2009. Since then, 28,981,249,043 zombies have met cruel and unusual, along with plenty of mundane and unimaginative fates at the hands of gamers everywhere. Now I love zombie killing, but 28 billion? Let’s put that into perspective a bit.

  • Approximately 3855.5 zombies were being killed per second
  • If each zombie killed was worth $1, it would still only be 1/20th of the US military budget for 2010
  • If a band sold an album for each zombie killed, they would have sold 1000 times more copies than Michael Jackson’s Thriller

And my personal favorite from the L4D blog:

  • If you placed 28,981,249,043 rulers end to end, they would reach 28,981,249,043 feet in the sky

Thank you, Valve.