There are shotgun revolvers

If you’ve played Borderlands, you’ve probably chuckled at some of the hybrid guns they’ve created — shotguns that shoot rockets and all that. Well, as it turns out, there really is some sort of unholy cross-pollination going on in the underground gun trade, because there are shotgun revolvers.

What? It’s kind of a gadget.

It looks like it’s meant to be held by the stock there, at least if you’re a girly-man. I’d straight-arm this piece like a Chinese gangster while smoking in slow motion with my other hand (Johnnie To style). Speaking of which, it was actually found not in some gangster’s possession, but apparently in the “gun room” of a hotel in a dangerous area, where the employees gangsters are required to carry weapons. At least, that’s what I gleaned from Google’s translation of the original article.

Obviously you can’t really buy these things at your local gun shop, but a competent metalworker could probably put one together — it seems to be a pretty simple mechanism, though probably not very comfortable or accurate. I mean, I know there are those tactical barrel shotguns, but this is way more pistol-y. Apparently the black market price for one of these bastards starts at $6000 over there. Reminds me a bit of the gun in “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.”

[via Everyday, No Days Off and Neatorama]