Motally Cooks Up Flexible APIs To Allow Publishers To Import And Export Analytics

Analytics can be valuable if you are able to actually turn this data into content that you can understand and draw actionable insights from them. Generally this is done through analytics reporting systems, which will make sense of data and produce reports. Today, Motally, which provides user-action tracking services for the mobile web and apps, has released new flexible APIs that allow mobile publishers to import and export their mobile data and integrate Motally directly into other reporting systems.

Motally’s offering gives developers the ability to receive daily reports, web-based dynamic reports and user statistics such as unique users, page views, engagement time search keywords, average pages/visit, etc.  The new API allows app developers and publishers to pull reports out of Motally and integrate them into their existing reporting systems like Omniture. In addition to export APIs, Motally’s new import APIs let developers upload data directly to Motally for processing. This could be useful for platform providers who want to send large quantities of data for analysis on behalf of their user base.

Motally, which recently launched an extension of their mobile analytics to include content developed on Apple’s iPad, support analytics for applications on the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms as well as the mobile web. Motally offers more advanced features that allows developers to troubleshoot and debug their products from anywhere in the world, without having to re-deploy apps and games to the Apple iPhone store. For a young startup, Motally has seen significant traction as a mobile analytics provider. Backed by renown investor Ron Conway, Motally’s clients include Twitter, Yelp, Fandango and Verizon.