Ham Dogger: No post title in the world could possibly do this product justice

Love the shape of hot dogs but hate the way they taste? Hate the shape of burgers but love the way they taste? You’re screwe—NO! WAIT! Pick up the Ham Dogger. It’s eight bucks. Bonus! Use promo code TYLRGIFT to get 15% off.

Pitched as an “ideal way to put extra hot dog buns to use” you can also “stuff the ‘ham dog’ with any number of delicious fillings.” If hamburger’s your thing, though, this apparatus shapes a full quarter-pounder into something that much more closely resembles an actual tube steak than the tube steaks they sell in Canada.

I was in college the first time I had a Canadian tube steak. I was like, “Tube steak?! Sounds delicious! Steak formed into a tube and eaten like a hot dog?!” Turns out it was just a hot dog. A delicious hot dog. I think the fact that it was called “tube steak” made it taste better somehow. Also, it was like 3AM and I was drunk. For all I know, the street vendor selling tube steaks could have actually been a grizzly bear selling me pine cones. Delicious pine cones.

HAM DOGGER [Taylor Gifts via dealspl.us]