Flattr your idols with many monies

You help found The Pirate Bay, then take off. What to do with your time? Maybe, say, found another site, this time with a Web 2.0-friendly name, complete with missing vowel for no apparent reason? Sounds like a plan. Let’s call it Flattr, and let’s look to launch it next month.

What’s our business plan? Well, the idea behind the site is to have people donate a small amount of money per month (like less than $3) to the site, then at the end of the month we, the site, take that money and give it to our favorite people. Bands, artists, writers, you name it.

That’s what Peter Sunde is doing now. The name sounds familiar because last year we had The Pirate Bay stories seemingly every day, and Peter Sunde was often mentioned.

So that’s what he’s up to now: a site to help artists and whatnot get paid. (The site takes a small commission for every donation.) Irony says hi.