Final Fantasy for iPhone: First trailer and new screenshots

In case you haven’t heard already, Final Fantasy I and II are heading for the iPhone. Originally released in Japan in 1987 and 1988, respectively, for the NES, it took a while for the now legendary RPGs to go America, but they did (on various platforms). And now Square Enix is planning special versions for the iPhone/iPod touch, both in Japanese and English.

The company just published the first trailer for the iPhone installments on its Japanese YouTube channel, and it looks great. The new screenshots above show gameplay scenes from Final Fantasy II.

And here’s a new screenshot for Final Fantasy I. Square Enix says the circle button on the bottom right will be used to make your characters dash:

It’s unknown at this point when exactly the games will be available for download (the trailer just says “soon”), but you can follow Square Enix’ official Twitter account (in English) to be always up-to-date. Too bad their dedicated “Final Fantasy for iPhone” site is pretty dull currently.

Here’s the first trailer: