Yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year

Get it, blizzard?

It’s earnings call season, and while no news is more shocking than the fact that WWE will drop the Survivor Series, there’s something for World of Warcraft fans. And, really, who isn’t a fan of World of Warcraft. Anyhow, yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year. We’ve (and by “we” I mean the WoW community) pretty much assumed as much since the expansion was first announced, but now the money men have made it official.

Oh, and something called StarCraft II will also come out this year. Pardon me for not getting too excited about that, since I never played the original. I’m really not into those types of games. You’re free to try to convince me otherwise ;-)

Back to WoW, which has had a pretty hellish week. The regular Tuesday maintenance lasted much longer than it was normally supposed to, and servers have been suffering from ridiculous lag for some time now. I tried running a random dungeon last night, and my group wiped a few times because we were lagging like nobody’s business. I’m not going to QQ like they do on the forums there, since I have no idea what kind of operation Blizzard is running hardware-wise, but it’s pretty annoying. I can’t imagine how “serious raiders” must have felt.

And if you want to see what Blizzard is thinking about taking, then here you are.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun