Report: Acer will launch an ultra-thin notebook this year

Let’s not forget Acer’s quest to overtake HP as the number 1 computer maker in the world. That’s important to remember as the company is reportably getting into the ultra-thin notebook market this year along with making a Chrome OS netbook and ebook reader. 2010 will be Acer’s year as the company lays outs its plans, which, surprisingly, doesn’t include outing a iPad-ish tablet clone.

The Acer Timeline series lead the industry into the CULV game last year, but even those thin laptops look huge next to a MacBook Air or Dell Adamo XPS. So that brings us to right now as a report just surfaced claiming that sometime this year Acer will launch a true ultra-thin notebook based on Intel’s next-gen Capella ULV processors that bring conventional notebook performance to ultra-thins.

Nothing else is really known about the upcoming notebook just yet. Although we’re certain something will leak curiosity of Mr. BlurryCam. But hopefully Acer’s model will offer not only good looks, but also a more affordable price than the Dell Adamo XPS.