It's Not U, It's Me: Survey Reports 50 Percent Use Texts To Break It Off

This Valentine’s Day, make sure your loved one isn’t texting another love interest while you are out on a date. Mobile social network MocoSpace has released a study today revealing that one out of three MocoSpace users admitted they have flirted with someone else using their phone while on a date. MocoSpace surveyed close to 20,000 of their 10.3 million members for the report.

When asked if they had ever used their mobile phone to break up with someone, 57% said yes, with 48% of those using a text message to end the relationship. 90 percent of users said their “About Me” information is most important after pictures in making the decision to take the first step toward connecting with someone on MocoSpace. 79 percent said the recession had had no effect on their dating habits. And 60 percent did not have a date yet for Valentine’s Day, with 80 of those respondents do not consider it a priority to find one.

Many of these number seem to border on the ridiculous, but MocoSpace claims that most of its users are under 30, so perhaps these stats are plausible. MocoSpace claims to generate 3 billion page views per month, with most of the views coming its site via mobile phones, of course. The startup’s network targets users who have non-smartphones, that have simpler interfaces.