Now You Can Follow TechCrunch On Google Buzz

Just like the rest of you, we’re still getting the hang of Google Buzz, the new FriendFeed-like service that Google integrated with Gmail two days ago. There are still plenty of kinks to work out, but Buzz has a lot of potential, and we’re doing our best to embrace it as quickly as possible — our crack developer Andy Brett even put together a Share to Buzz button before Google did. Now we’re establishing an official TechCrunch presence on Buzz, which you should follow if you’d like to receive the latest tech news from the convenience of your Gmail inbox, Buzz style. To try it out, head to this page and hit “Follow TechCrunch”.

You’ll be able to see a stream of our latest stories, and you’ll get the benefits of Buzz, including real-time commenting, Likes, and all the rest. We’ll also be getting a bit more creative with our Buzz feed once we’ve kicked the tires a bit.

We’d love to include a simple “Follow TechCrunch” button in this post, but as far as we can tell it doesn’t exist yet so you’ll have to click the link above to join.