Fwix Launches API For Realtime Hyperlocal News

Fwix, a startup that offers a stream of local news that’s updated in real-time, is launching a new version of its API that is targeted towards hyper-local news. Last fall, the startup launched a ‘Wire’ API that allows third parties to integrate the company’s stream of news updates into their sites and apps. Today, Fwix is expanding its API to include hyperlocal news.

Fwix aggregates news articles and blog posts that are relevant to a certain region (the site now features support for over 80 cities in the United States and Canada). To do this, the Fwix team selects news sources and blogs that it thinks are related to each city, and also uses automated algorithms to determine when other content might also be relevant. Now, Fwix has tweaked its algorithm and offerings to include “nearby” local content features. So content on Fwix will display relationships between both topics and nearby location. For example, after reading a story about a robbery that took place in the Mission district of San Francisco, you’ll be able to find any other crime and or stories about the Mission neighborhood.

Users can also build out lists of stories, as well as stories near to those other stories, and create real-time news maps. Fwix says that there are a variety of compelling uses for the hyper-local news API. One could be incorporating a feed of news in location-based social networks like Gowalla, around certain check-in locations. For example, if you check-in to a particular establishment, Fwix could show users a feed of news about or mentioning the restaurant or bar.

The local news API has seen traction since its launch, being integrated on WeatherUnderground.com and UPI.com.