Cup holder, schmupholder – you need a full tray for your morning commute

What an odd array of breakfast items in this product shot: Egg McMuffin, sure. Apple juice, okay. Fries? You might be on to something there. Whatever the case, if you’ve been eating food out of a bag while careening down the highway on your way to work maybe it’s time to class things up a bit with this $11 Swivel Car Tray.

According to the product description:

Whether you’re eating on the run or holding necessities, this swivel tray puts what you need at your fingertips. It attaches to a standard cup holder–the jointed arm swivels from driver to passenger and may be raised or lowered to your liking. It has a textured center to keep items from rolling or sliding. 360-degree swivel design locks in place.

If food’s not your thing, might I suggest that you mount an iMac instead? The new one’s ought to fit but the older ones with the circular base might fit perfectly.

Swivel Car Tray [Collections Etc. via Red Ferret]