Panasonic's Toughbook H1: a tablet for you and your favorite hazardous environment

Pretend you’re Gordon Freeman. Who am I kidding, you’ve been doing that for years — so this should be easy. The lab is self-destructing around you, a resonance cascade has just torn open a hole in the universe, and there are soldiers everywhere with orders to kill you on sight. You need a tablet, but what with the rocket launcher and seven other weapons, your HEV suit can only fit one. Before you are an iPad and a Toughbook H1 Field. What do you do?

Man, are you kidding me, you get the damn H1! What, are you going to show the headcrabs your neatly organized iPhoto galleries? Hell no! You need this thing to pwing bullets off of, and to calculate dimensional radiance points and stuff! iPad go home!

So this new Toughbook tablet looks pretty great — Atom Z240 clocked to 1.86GHz, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, GPS, WWAN, camera, and everything else a guerrilla scientist might need while gallivanting across a secret government facility.