Say Hello To The Buzz Button. Google Didn't Make It, So We Did.

Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about Google Buzz right now. And, judging from my account, a ton of people are actually using it too. The main use envisioned for Buzz was sharing, but the problem is that for content, you still need to copy a URL and then head over to Buzz to share it. Not anymore.

We’re all used to tweet buttons (like the one built by Tweetmeme), Facebook buttons, Digg buttons, and even Yahoo Buzz buttons on many posts around the web. These make it easy to share without having to leave the content. So we made a Google Buzz button.

When I say “we,” I actually mean one of our developers, Andy Brett, who hacked this together with amazing speed. He could do that because it’s actually a simple piece of code derived from a button you would use to share an item on Google Reader. And that’s an important thing to note: for this to work, your Google Reader shared account has to be hooked up to your Google Buzz account. The good news is that assuming you use Google Reader, Google did this link-up automatically for you.

So there you go, Buzz away.