Poles are shocked – shocked! – at Bioshock 2

Oh, Ziema Lubuska, today is your lucky day! Apparently a games blogger for Gazeta Lubulska (Circulation: Maybe fifty grandmas out in Zielona Gora, Poland) just rocked the world with his review of Bioshock 2 saying that the game is a “Shock” and asking if “this is the direction video games are heading?” While his arguments are slow-witted and dull, it’s definitely giving a small paper in rural Poland a nice boost in pageviews.

He presses out all the Polish hot buttons including child abuse and anti-Catholicism, saying that the game makes you use little girls like dogs to hunt down drugs. In the end he asks games distributor Cenega Poland to explain themselves, as if Cenega weren’t just the distributors of the game. And they say the old screen door on the submarine joke made Poles look bad.

Trust me: the thoughts of one man in Western Poland are not indicative of the population as a whole. As Polygamia writer Marcin Lewandowski writes:

When you watch a horror movie do you also ask whether this is the direction cinema is headed?

Indeed, sir. Indeed.