Netgear & Ericsson team up, concoct MBRN3300 3G router

Here’s an interesting fact, if you really stretch the definition of the word “interesting.” Team CrunchGear often used the Novatel MiFi during CES to bring you all that great content. The concept is simple: it takes a 3G signal and then outputs that signal via Wi-Fi. You then connect to the Wi-Fi network. Instant broadband, cell signal depending, for everyone. The same concept applies to the MBRN3300, a router that’s the product of a Netgear-Ericsson partnership.

The Wi-Fi outputs at 802.11n, probably faster than what your local 3G signal can sustain (I would guess, not knowing a damn thing about where you live). There’s also four hardwire ports, if that’s how you roll.

Now, outside of needing a quick-like Internet connection, where else could something like the MBRN3300 be useful? How about this: maybe you have a terrible Internet connection? My uncle, who lives in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York, has the worst Internet connection in the developed world, provided you consider upstate New York to be part of the developed world. It’s Frontier Cable, and his Internet connection is abysmal. It took a solid 30+ minutes to download and install a PS3 firmware update the other day. It’s just a terrible connection, so bad that iChat’s screen sharing is barely usable. We’re talking delays in the tens of seconds between inputting a command and seeing it execute. Anyhow, assuming he even gets a 3G signal there, I could see a 3G-provided Internet signal being far superior to his Frontier-provided Internet connection.

So if you’re actual Internet connection is hot garbage, this type of thing might be worth investigating.