Asus has the first Nvidia Optimus laptops~!

Kudos, I guess, to Asus, being the first manufacturer to incorporate Nvidia’s Optimus technology into actual products. The Taiwan-based company has announced five laptops (note: I refuse to use the term “notebook” when referring to laptops; I think the name “netbook” is dumb, too, so at least I’m consistent) that range in size from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches, all of which use Optimus. “What is Optimus?” I’m glad you asked! It switches between the Nvidia GPU and the Intel integrated GPU as the situation warrants. So, using Firefox? Let the Intel handle it. Playing World of Warcraft? Nvidia takes over. It’s not too hard to understand.

The five models are: UL50Vf, U30Jc, N61Jv,N71Jv, and N82Jv. The photo up there is of the N61Jv. It looks the best out of all of them, trust me.

The N series is the multimedia series, and as such benefit from having beefier processors and GPUs. Like, all the way up to Intel Core i5 and Nvidia GT325M

Moving on: where does Asus get off listing the P7P55D motherboard as being “Crossfire compatible” when the second GPU slot runs at fully half of the bandwidth of the first? Granted, that’s 100 percent my fault for buying the motherboard, but it seems to me like it’s blant false advertising. “Hey, this has a cool feature, only it’s 50 percent what you think it is!”

Thanks, Asus. Now if I wanted to Crossfire this PC I’d have to buy a new motherboard! What a pain in the neck. Again, my fault, but Asus doesn’t help matters!