Vitamin D video surveillance system is out of beta, multiple camera versions cost $49/$199

Vitamin D Video has officially gone out of beta and is now available in 1.0. The basic, single camera version of the software is available now for free while a two camera version costs $49 and unlimited cameras costs $199. The software watches a web-based camera – including many popular models from Linksys and D-Link – and records motion as it it happens, even alerting you when humans step into the frame.

I’ve been using the beta for months now with a Linksys WVC54GCA and I consider the software an early warning system for the home. Since I work up in the attic I can’t always tell if I’m facing a friend or a foe at the front door so I rely on Vitamin D to ping whenever someone comes into the frame. Special motion sensing systems also pick up lights and other activity outside while the system can also email clips to a mailbox whenever an event occurs or ring a chime.

Generally this is a great solution for home and small offices as well as individuals who may be in the middle of a zombie, dinosaur, or vampire uprising. Because you can easily assign regions of motion you can also train the camera on the skies, capturing dreaded pterosaurs and alien craft in flight, thereby preventing livestock theft and/or damage. The possibilities, like the waves and waves of slavering undead Vitamin D will help you detect and neutralize, are endless.

You can download the software at Vitamin D’s website.