Ron and Fez's Twitter party, the world's first, was a huge success

Last night’s Super Bowl was pretty amazing. That seems to be the general reaction, at least. But you know what was just as amazing, if not more amazing? The Ron & Fez Twitter party, which I’m pretty sure was the very first organized Twitter party in history. Is there a FourSquare for that?

There were many winners, chief among them @coolhandluke, who won a pair of knissors signed by the inventor himself, East Side Dave. Other prizes included a pair of shoes signed by Bruce Jenner, won by @DannyMoony.

This appears on CrunchGear because we’ve finally reached a point where people are genuinely having parties over Twitter. That’s insane, 140 characters a pop uniting people from all over the planet in celebration of sport. And that was just the first party! Surely more will be coming now.

Twitter parties for the win~!