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So for a bit of fun we’ve decided to open a TechCrunch Europe T-Shirt store on that European startup Spreadshirt.

We’re going to see how it goes (your feedback is welcome) and the store is very simple (black and white T-shirts). But for now, you can grab a T-shirt here.

We’ll be giving a few away in an upcoming competition at some point, plus we’ll be looking for more slogans to put on the shirts. Suggestions welcome. The funnier the better. And other languages than English are cool too.

  • tom

    startup:1, vc:0 – great! :)

  • Michael Boyd

    £1600 is a bit too much. I’ll just wait for the competitions.

    (In seriousness, who still uses commas as decimal points?)

    I like:
    Startup: 1 VC: 0
    Startup Needs Funding. Credit Cards Accepted.

    • Mike Butcher

      What price is better? (apart from free I mean, since the shirts do still cost money to be created in the first place)

  • Liam

    GSOH burn rate seeks VC 4 LTR

  • Darshan

    What about:

    “I’m a .ly millionaire”

    “My boss has a MBA…save me NOW!”

    “Who needs a business model?!”

    “Can I erm, borrow your metrics please?”

    “Our goal is not profit but to be on a Mashable Top 10 list.”

    “Google will buy us…we’ll buy Facebook…You’ll all Tweet about it.”

    “We started-up 400 tweet-ups ago”

  • Rohan

    Wanted to throw ‘Got Funding?’ into the suggestion mix.

  • Anne de Forsan

    how do you spell “termsh*t”?

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    Hi Mike, we opened a webshop some months ago, but I think we could do a better job in marketing it…

    Do you want to swap shirts?

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    Hi mike, we opened our shop some months ago.. but we could do a better job in marketing
    do you want to swap shirts with thenextwomen?

  • Harry

    i can’t wait until i see a tragic individual wear one of these. nice typography skills btw

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  • syed jawad ali

    Dear all,

    i am maker of t-shirt,shirt other think, i you want to to see my product plz mail me and then i will send u all pics
    of all product that i am making and send all over the world

  • Michael Romrell

    Nice blog i cant wait to buy them.
    Cool tshirst you have..

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