Quick release $14 camera belt clip

Oh man, the unapologetic nerdacity of this product is through the roof. Yet somehow it seems useful and practical. Trying to get a DSRL camera out of a bag packed full of gear isn’t exactly an enjoyable exercise, but neither is walking a conference floor all day with your camera dangling around your neck like a lead balloon.

The apparatus itself seems pretty straightforward: thread the big piece through your belt and attach the little piece to your camera’s tripod mount. Snap them both together and be on your merry way. When you’re ready to use your camera, you apparently push inward and then pull upward to unlock. Done and done.

The “Camera Waist Belt Lock” costs $14 from Brando. I’m actually considering buying two of these: one for the DSLR and one for the camcorder. Prepare to sound the nerd alert.

Camera Waist Belt Lock [Brando]