Miyamoto: Nintendo is working on new hardware

Nintendo’s next console has been the subject of countless rumors, and every time something comes up, someone at Nintendo vehemently denies it. A new console? Perish the thought! Well, I never! But at the Japan Media Arts Festival on Saturday, Shigeru Miyamoto himself said that yes, Nintendo is working on new hardware. There wasn’t much said beyond that, so it may be that it’s something totally different from, say, a Wii HD, but since we have a recent DS release, it’s safe to suppose it’s something that’s definitely new.

He was talking about the development process and some Nintendo history, and also revealed that he was working on some good stuff for MotionPlus. At some point, however, he acknowledged that the new generation of hardware was underway. I don’t trust the translation of the original article, so I’ll leave it at that.

[via Andriasang and 1up]