Nsyght releases new filters to manage your realtime streams

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Nsyght is a startup we broke just before the Christmas vacation which focuses on making realtime streams manageable and is similar in scope to Friendfeed and Cliqset.

It currently integrates accounts from Twitter, Facebook, digg, Vimeo, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Delicious, and Last.fm – with other networks planned – and has now introduced a bunch of new features.

It now shows what topics are trending on both your twitter and facebook streams including videos. Discussions can be filtered, letting a user view their own discussions, or discussions based on a query. Discussion threading has been updated to allow for duplicate posts to Facebook and Twitter. A WordPress plugin is also coming. The content of a URL gets previewed so you won’t get “rickrolled”. And finally, feeds can also be sorted for audio.

The site now has over 1 million searchable videos, and 2 million searchable photos, and 20m news items. The startup has also raised $200,000 in Angel funding from a group of private Angel investors.

nsyght screencast from Geoffrey McCaleb on Vimeo.

  • http://www.twi5.com Nischal Shetty

    Nice to see Nsyght being featured on Techcrunch. They have a nice product and I had featured them on http://twi5.com some time back as well.

  • xklsv

    How many Macs did you get paid for the article? They have less thn 50k pages in google!

    • http://twitter.com/mikebutcher Mike Butcher

      Just the usual going rate – 10 Mac Air’s, 4 desktops and an Apple TV. LOL. As it happens it’s quite an interesting startup. This is what we do. Write about interesting startups, and charge advertisers to appear next to the content we write. It’s a great business model, you should try it.

    • flynn like

      god, i was just waiting for some cock to come out and say that… congratulations, idiot, your mother would be proud.

      Nice article Mike

  • http://www.palsnaija.com qafro

    Create an android app & wordpressMU for this?

  • http://www.ArticlePlayground.com/ Article Playground

    Cool service. Never knew they had anything like this =)

  • Art

    http://nsyght.com/ is down, like many other startups that you feature. I suggest you warn startups before you feature them, so they could make sure that their servers would handle the spike of visitors….

    • http://twitter.com/mikebutcher Mike Butcher

      Er, they contacted me with the story, first. I left it up to them to keep their servers up.

  • http://www.nsyght.com Geoffrey McCaleb

    I’m not sure its down, but its definitely up right now.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

  • Jeff

    This looks/functions exactly like friendfeed…. what’s so interesting about that?

  • http://www.minxymoggy.com Misae Richwoods

    I can totally think of shining uses for this within professional scenarios. Very handy app!

  • http://www.nsyght.com Geoffrey McCaleb

    @jeff – We aggregate your existing communities/friends from the services you use. FF and Cliqset essentially ask you to start building your social graph from scratch

    • http://favit.com/marfi Martin

      Hi Geoffrey, congrats on the product and good luck with the marketing, be prepared to respond more and more to questions like the above for FF.

      It is great to see a product with such neat logic and developed by fellow Eastern Europeans :)

      I will be glad if we can get in touch and help each other grow (I am on board of http://favit.com) and we have smart filters and complete two-way integrations with the big two too : )

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